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Welcome to WH Forums!

Posted by whforums on February 18, 2008

Blogs are too often singular, individual practices. But when a blog seeks to make its community the individual – to bind up a community’s diversity by holding each of its voices in distinction – it necessarily needs its community to make record of itself.

This idea – the idea of a community speaking for itself – defines the fundamental mission of WH Forums. We hope that this site – part blog, part ‘zine, part message board, part “alternative media” – will emerge as a discourse that is as vibrant as our community. If where we live is essential to who we are, we hope this website will become a place to formulate our individual identities through the very partial destiny of our collective identity. And, more importantly, we hope to become a place where neighbors and elected officials can informally share the ideas that will ultimately make West Hartford a better place for its citizens.

Currently, as a team of two editors (and seeking a third), we will contribute much of the content to the front page of this site. But we also hope that you, and every other member of the WH community, will also contribute front page posts and commentary. Editors will consider all submissions for front page posts, though we will only publish relevant posts that feature responsible perspectives and that encourage focused and critical feedback and commentary. We’re not looking for your rants and we’re not looking to advertise your upcoming events — we’re looking for a responsible exchange of ideas that can help shape the place we call home.

If you’d like to contribute a story to WH Forums (or if you’d like to become our 3rd editor!), please email to: whforums@gmail.com

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