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Your Ideas Are Scissors. Go Ahead. Cut.

Posted by whforums on June 22, 2008

I’d like to keep this simple, because, as I’ve said before, it seems that too often throughout this “budget season,” rhetoric has overwhelmed content. So here’s what I’d like to know:

Since cuts to the budget need to be made, what do you think those cuts should be? Specifically — do you think West Hartford needs two senior centers? Should pools be open for a shorter summer season? Students are currently eligible for a bus if they’re a mile away from a school — should we change that distance to a mile and a half? Start with the parking meters (or “fancy curriculum”) if you must, but a substantive conversation about real cuts might better serve the community.

Anyway, it’s your budget. So, go ahead. Cut it.

5 Responses to “Your Ideas Are Scissors. Go Ahead. Cut.”

  1. WH Alum said

    Well, I voted YES, so I don’t want to see anything cut. And being a 3rd generation WH resident, I know we already have lost some *luxuries* we used to have. But since cuts are on the way, I want someone to come up with the real facts on the “fat” that they think is in there. If we have town directors that are being grossly overpaid when compared to other similar-size towns in CT, then perhaps it is time to offer a golden-handshake and ask them to move on so we can hire more in line with the state averages. Perhaps do the same for teachers who were on the fence about retiring this year.

    I can bag my own leaves, and help my mom do hers if needed. I’d pay more for bulky pick-up and perhaps other fees need to be raised, as well, to produce more revenue.

    Other than that, I’m waiting to see the big ideas the conservatives on the Town Council say they are going to present Tuesday night.

  2. Cynic said

    BOE Scholarship – $5K – It’s nice to be generous with other peoples money.

    Superintendants “Where are they now” videos – $5K-8.5K

    Parking meters $400K – however I’m starting to think that if gave a closer accounting of the numbers they might actally be able to put up a good defense for the switch.

    Of course a better question is why didn’t they get it right the first time – same with the lighting in the garages. Hell it’s only money, unfortunately it’s ours.

    Re-eval the # of paras in the BOE, same with Administrators listed as teachers.

    Eliminate plant watering on holidays – double time?

    Re-eval salary of golf pro at Rockledge?

    All dept heads review and come up with cuts

    Cost-benfit analysis on the BOE printshop.

    Catering trucks are still showing up outside town hall. Who are they serving? At what cost to the town?

    add to these the ideas on the other fora.

  3. Kevin Walsh said

    I believe that I heard Jim Francis state at a recent town counsel meeting that, at the time the parking garages were designed/built, the LED lighting technology was not available on the scale required for a parking garage. If true, then we cannot reasonably say that they “didn’t get it right the first time,” and we should applaud the counsel for pursuing this cost-saving measure now.

    A questionable expense item I have not seen mentioned, and that should bear close scrutiny: I understand that our school year is longer than the legally mandated 180 days, and that schools will be open tomorrow and tuesday in spite of the fact that we have already reached the 180 day minimum. I expect that student attendance this week will be scant, as many will no doubt have left for camp, vacation, etc. I would be interested to know how much we are paying in utilities, insurance and related expenses to keep our school buildings open for these two extra days.

  4. Gee Eee said

    The LED lighting was in fact commercially available when Blue Back was being designed.

  5. Sick of Lies said

    Our town manager is a professional manipulator of the truth. He can talk his way out of a mouse hole…as fat as he is…and you can bet at the expense of our tax dollars…..just take a look in the travel expenditures where he and his department head cronies fraudulently hide it.

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