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To Do In West Hartford, Weekend of 7/12

Posted by whforums on July 11, 2008

A lot to do in West Hartford this weekend.

If you’re a thoroughgoing capitalist (or just a sales shopper) West Hartford Center Days runs today (Friday 7/11) and tomorrow. I’m a little bit vague about what exactly the West Hartford Center Days are, but as far as I can tell it’s a big old sidewalk sale that highlights the center as a shopping district while drumming up business for restaurants, etc. My wife and I will be there — you’ll be able to recognize me because I’ll be the one saying “Do we really need that?” Unless she takes me to Toast for a wine tasting first. Then anything goes!

If you don’t like shopping, or if the economy has you spooked like a ghost you’re pretty sure you recognize, why not get all self-referential and go see Hamlet? I’m as sick of stories about fathers and sons (read: Bush administration(s)) as everybody else, but the idea of watching Hamlet at sunset with a nice picnic dinner … yeah. That sounds pretty great. Hamlet Under the Stars (HUTS!) is playing all weekend, and every Thursday-Sunday through July 27th, outside the Carol Autorino center at Saint Joseph College.

If you don’t like capitalism or literature (what’s wrong with you?) and you still have an IP address despite the woeful economy, the folks over at “The Nutmeg Grater” would like to talk to you about the fact that there have been 35 robberies in West Hartford apartment complexes over the past 4 months. The time is out of joint indeed.

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