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Weekend News Roundup for Monday, 7/14

Posted by whforums on July 14, 2008

Three stories from various places this weekend. Each perhaps deserving of its own space, but I’ll cram ‘em together for now …


Criterion Theatre in Blue Back Square is still pushing to allow the sale of alcohol in their theatre. Which I’m for, as soon as I get the art theatre I was promised. (I’ve been to the new theatre, and I like it. It’s just that … I wanted an arthouse).

In the end, I guess I really don’t see the big deal about selling booze in a movie theatre. I understand concerns about that booze winding up in the hands of underaged kids (though how this is terribly different from a liquor store is beyond me), but then there’s also the voice in the back of my head saying “If it were an art theatre, the kids probably wouldn’t come, anyway” (I know, I know. My agism is repulsive).


A blog post from Rachel Gottlieb at the Courant about more burglaries in West Hartford – not the 35 apartment complex burglaries, but 18 additional “house burglaries” since June 1st. That would be about one every two days, according to my math. The police say “there is a little bit of a spree right now.”

That’s great. A little bit of a spree. Dunno about you, but I don’t find that entirely comforting …


The New York Times has picked up on our whole parking meter/budget “situation,” but with some interesting spin. As far as the Times is concerned:

“A decision by the town council here to spend $100,000 to replace parking meters in the downtown shopping district sparked a sort of taxpayer revolt that resulted in voters turning down the town budget last month and a campaign to vote down the latest budget in September.”

Are we buying this? ‘Cause as I remember it, the parking meters weren’t even a secondary issue in the referendum … and I certainly don’t remember any “sort of taxpayer revolt.” I guess the real question is whether the Times reporter misunderstood the situation through his own research or whether he was actively misinformed. Budgets were defeated all over Connecticut, so why is West Hartford’s budget referendum (which, as I’ve said before, was a closer vote than last year’s) a “revolt?” Those pushing for significant reforms in West Hartford seem anything but revolutionary to me …

EDIT: The New York Times requires a free login to access the article above, which is really worth reading. If you don’t feel like signing up, you can search for already created NYT logins at:


3 Responses to “Weekend News Roundup for Monday, 7/14”

  1. Cynic said

    As I recall you are correct with the relation of the meters and the 1st referendum.
    They have become an issue for the 2nd referendum.
    People are not happy that meters are being replaced while leaf collection is being dropped. They are also angry that the Dems refuse to look at management of both the Town and Education System and institute a management audit.

    Enfield just finished such an audit and they appear to have found numerous problems.

  2. pick up my leaves said

    1. If you put alcohol in a movie theater, you’re making it easier for kids to get. If you don’t think so, your out of touch.

    2. The high crime rate should not be a big surprise. West Hartford has been going downhill for years, and new taxes won’t suddenly make it go away.

    3. The budget vote was virtually identical. We defeated the budget, and we’ll defeat it again. The timeline in the New York Times doesn’t matter because these are the facts.

  3. kap said

    The underage people who might go to an art house would probably be too sophisticated to pay for expensive drinks there. Why wouldn’t they just raid mom and dad’s liquor supply? Smuggle in booze from the outside?

    Today, you’re going to be more likely to find people doing what’s called pre-gaming– drinking *before* going out to certain social events. Having beer and wine available to purchase for probably $8 a cup is not going to drastically increase teenage drinking in West Hartford.

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