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West Hartford, Here’s What Your Mill Rate Would Be …

Posted by whforums on July 14, 2008

A longer post on taxes tomorrow, but for now, a simple question of tone.

Our mill rate right now is a fairly craptastic 37.09 (I can’t find figures for tax year 2007, but I’m pretty certain that’s in the upper tier of mill rates for the state). Ok – you live in (or move to) West Hartford knowing the mill rate is going to be high. So what’s the deal with putting the above pictured on our tax bills?

Call me tone deaf if you will, but am I supposed to feel grateful, threatened, or something else entirely?


3 Responses to “West Hartford, Here’s What Your Mill Rate Would Be …”

  1. Cynic said

    It is distraction politics my friend.

    Notice they also did not put the TOTAL Tax due for the year. They put in the 1/2 installment figure, on a quick glance the tax due appears to be smaller than it really is.

    The bill should have clearly had the Full Tax listed and then the instalment due now!

  2. Kevin Walsh said

    Cynic: given the likelihood of a second budget referendum on the horizon, nobody yet knows what the total tax will be.

  3. Cynic said

    Then why even bother putting the 2 installments on?
    The full total tax should have been listed then broken into the 2 installments.

    Using the logic of the possibility of a 2nd referendum why even send out bills now.

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