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2008 CAPT Test Results for West Hartford

Posted by whforums on July 15, 2008

The 2008 scores have been released.

Year Math Science Reading Writing
2008 Scores 59.3 64.6 64.0 69.8
2007 Scores 56.8 63.9 62.0 68.3
State Average Scores 50.2 46.5 45.5 57.8


Here is how West Hartford compares to the 10th best (10th from top) and 10th worst (10th from bottom) on each part of the exam:

Town Math Science Reading Writing
West Hartford 59.3 64.6 64.0 69.8
10th Best 82.2 (Simsbury) 75.8 (Canton) 78.4 (Guilford) 87.4 (Wilton)
10th Worst 24.5 (West Haven) 23.6 (Meriden) 22.0 (Putnam) 33.2 (East Hartford)


Perform your own analysis as you will, but a superficial read suggests that West Hartford is performing well above average, with improving scores that are much closer to the top ten than the bottom ten.

Get a closer look at West Hartford’s 2008 CAPT scores here.


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