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2008 Connecticut Mastery Test Results Released for West Hartford

Posted by whforums on July 18, 2008

It must be that time of year, huh?

Below are the percentage of West Hartford students who met “Goal” (the highest level of achievement possible)/the state average who met “Goal.”

For example, 65/52 would mean “65% of WH students at Goal, 52% of state students at Goal.”

The science exam is new this year and was only taken by students in grades 5 and 8.

Grade Math Reading Writing Science             
3 72/60 65/52 76/64 N/A
4 72/61 71/56 71/63 N/A
5 79/66 72/62 75/65 63/55
6 79/67 75/66 74/62 N/A
7 76/63 83/71 73/62 N/A
8 73/61 76/65 75/63 71/59


My first reactions — West Hartford appears to run about 10% higher than the state average across all sections of this exam and across all grade levels, which is no small thing.  And man can our 7th graders read!

A more detailed analysis later in the day.  We’ll look at West Hartford’s test results by DRG (District Reference Group — a system devised by the state to create “common” school districts) and one other measure.

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