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Monday Morning Pet Peeve

Posted by whforums on August 18, 2008

Ok, so this is a minor “thing” in the grand scope of “things,” but it drives me fracking crazy. It maybe also illuminates a certain lack of neighborliness (“Where city style meets village charm,” etc.).

You know how Main Street, traveling “south,” narrows once your cross over Farmington Avenue? That stretch of Main Street in front of Breuggers, and Friendly’s, and Lemon Grass? People — it’s a one lane road. I understand the merge sign is way back before the Farmington Avenue intersection, and I understand that the fact that it’s a merge gets buried in all of our mutual consciousnesses by the activity of the Center itself. But the fact that the fracking road fracking narrows should serve as a fracking reminder to form one fracking line! Gah!

And you people who are double parking in that stretch — not that you’re really double parking, more hovering for a spot — well, you’re on my list now, too. And while I’m at it — could we all be a little nicer to the poor folks who get hung out to dry trying to make a left from Farmington onto Main? All the time I see one lone car, trapped in the intersection …

And don’t even get me started on the people who leave their fracking shopping carts in the middle of the fracking aisle in the grocery store. I guess that’s more of a Sunday night pet peeve …

5 Responses to “Monday Morning Pet Peeve”

  1. Robert said

    It’s a nightmarish intersection. Honestly, how difficult would it be to paint lines that indicate what’s happening? If you hug the left curb, you end up in a left-turn only lane. If you stay more to the right, you risk getting side-swiped by someone who thinks that there are two, full-sized lanes.

    Now, just don’t get me started on the I-84 off-ramp at Park Rd. I’ve lost track of the number of fender-benders there.

  2. Greg said

    People who double-park in the center, especially on Farmington ave between LaSalle and Main, are my biggest downtown traffic pet peeve. If you drive up the left lane on Farmington, you get stuck behind someone taking a left. If you go up the right, you invariably get pinned behind someone inanely standing their car in the middle of the road. This doesn’t apply to people waiting for clearance to parallel park in an open spot, I’m referring to all of the lazy people who can’t bear to drive around the block and go into the parking lot if all the on-street parking is taken (which it always is — folks, if you’re in a hurry, smart money is on going straight to the toll lot instead of making multiple passes and further congesting the traffic on the street).

    Grumpy old man that I am, I’ve been known to embarrass whoever happens to be in the car with me by laying on my horn until the double-parked person moves.

    And while we’re not getting each other started on things, I guess I won’t get started on the mess that is Main street between Park and Farmington — lanes coming and going and randomly bending and swerving with wild abandon…I believe that stretch of road was planned by Willy Wonka or maybe Salvador Dali.

  3. Richard said

    Resident of Burr Street… so coming home south on main, I have to stay in the left… poster is right. Two lanes before Farmington, now turn into one by Friendlies, but then magically turn into three?? I have to fight not to be pushed to the left turn lane… THEN shift over more to get into my lane to turn left onto Burr. And of course the people coming north on main by Burr now have to shift to the right in a weird curve thing.
    I don’t understand why lanes that cross roads can’t stay straight. Greg is right.. it’s a drunken walk
    Is it some kind of crazy traffic calming measure?

  4. P. said

    I never much understood why people are hell-bent on parking in West Hartford Center, when you can go down a couple blocks and get free parking on the residential streets. Five-minute walk, tops.

  5. P. said

    And yes, Main St. near Farmington Ave. desperately needs some “clarification”, shall we say. It’s neither vehicle-friendly nor pedestrian-friendly!

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