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Board of Ed. Meeting, 9/2

Posted by whforums on September 3, 2008

Was working late last night and missed the BOE meeting (looked from the agenda like routine, first day, new school year kind of stuff, but who knows).

Can anyone report?

And why on earth are our BOE meetings and Town Council meetings not available for download anywhere?

*wanders off to email WHC-TV …*

5 Responses to “Board of Ed. Meeting, 9/2”

  1. Elliot Check said

    meeting was a start of the year, good spirited session.

    A couple of things I found interesting.

    1- The school census listed only 29 Open Choice students.After the meeting talking withe Diane Mudge, apparently the census is incorrect. The real number is over 90 (don’t recall her exact #) She has asked Chip to correct the census and to verify all the other numbers as well.

    2- Karen List started to discuss the DIP and testing. Diane Mudge asked her what had been done for the kids who had problems in ’07 (that was when all this stuff started). Dr. List did not have an answer and will have to report back

    3- Learned something about contract bidding last night. There was a discussion of the Bugbee expansion. If you recall, $3.5mill was put inthe CIP for Bugbee. BUT, it has not been put out to bid yet.
    So, if I understand correctly, we first put in the public domain what we are willing to spend and then ask contractors for bids. I think we have the process backwards!

  2. whforums said

    Thanks for the info, Elliot.

    Am a bit baffled by the apparent discrepancy in Open Choice numbers. When was the “school census” taken?

  3. Elliot Check said

    This census was passed out last night at the meeting and dated 9/2. So I would assume that these SHOULD have been acurate for the date.

    But it appears the Open Choice numbers are off by about 70. NOT an insignifcant difference, as the census shows only about 33% of the corect number.

  4. Diane Mudge said

    The official census will be taken sometime later this month. Those numbers typically taken in a homeroom like setting will be used to report to the state.

    Our Open Choice students are at approximately 90 students this year up only a handful from last year.

  5. John Hardy said

    It was, in fact, acknowledged by Chip Ward in response to a question during the meeting that the figure on the handout was wacky, and that the true number was in the low 90’s.

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