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Coolest. Thing. Ever.

Posted by whforums on September 9, 2008

Many people on the web have waxed eloquent about Wii Bowling. For example, over at the Hostess with the Mostess blog, they have a great post about a Wii bowling party complete with Margamiitas and Mowiitos (tell me you wish you weren’t at that party — and all for charity, no less!). Others, such as the folks at Comics Worth Reading, see Wii Bowling as more Zen experience than party.

Whether you’re into Wii Bowling for its good times or its meaning of life import, this Wednesday at 1 p.m., the “coolest. thing. ever” is going down at the Elmwood Senior Center. Our Elmwood Senior Center team will be battling teams from Hartford, Bloomfield and Windsor in the quarterfinals of the Statewide Wii Bowling Championship. You can read all about the state tournament via a press release from Health Net (Health Net provided the Senior Center with its Wii).

The Senior Center requests you call to reserve a seat in the auditorium if you want to check out the Wii Bowling action. I would totally be there, if not for work …

Windsor, Bloomfield and Hartford — prepare to be pwned!

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