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… Build the Superintendent

Posted by whforums on September 14, 2008

In direct contrast to my occupation of the prior post, I’ll try to empty myself from this post and hope you’ll fill it each by each.

The town has released the following schedule for public forums that will receive “public input regarding what we as a community seek in our new educational leader.” (Link — it’s a .pdf).

Public Forums for West Hartford Superintendent Search
Wednesday, 9/17, Commons Area at KP (7 p.m.)
Thursday, 9/18, auditorium of the Elmwood Community Center (10 a.m.)
Tuesday, 9/23, aduitorium of Conard High School (7 p.m.)

So — let’s brainstorm.  What do we expect of our new superintendent?  What are the greatest challenges we face, and how should we deal with them?  What are the traits/skills we need in our new educational leader?

And if you think you’ve written something sorta good here, you can post it where it counts — in the virutal forum for the Superintendent Search at whps.org.

One Response to “… Build the Superintendent”

  1. Cynic said

    Based on the presentation last night, the person who should be the front runner for new Super is Tom Moore.

    Last year it was predicted that Conard would be on the AYP list. Hall was and still is!
    Apparently, Mr. Moore took the bull by the horns and faced the situation. He proved himself to be a leader. Make that a leader with vision. He pulled his staff together, found the at risk students and got them the help and encouragement they needed. Cost to the taxpayer: bubkis.

    And it was done without a $300K DIP

    Why wasn’t the same thing going on at Hall? not to mention the other schools.

    This is exactly what Diane Mudge said needed to be done during the campaign last November.

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