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West Hartford Referendum Results Part Deux, The Live Blog

Posted by whforums on October 7, 2008

Polls close in two minutes. We’ll be doing a quasi-live blog (updating numbers as they come in) for referendum results tonight, if you’d like to speak your mind, spew your anger, or just watch the numbers roll by (all numbers via WHC TV) …

Absentee Ballots only:

116 Yes

218 No
219 No (two ballots stuck together?)

During the first vote, absentee went 68% No. This time, only 65% No. There is a significant increase in absentee ballots cast.

One District Reporting:

Yes 161

No 377

Gotta wonder what district that is … they are some hard core No people (158-45).

Three Districts Reporting

Yes 607

No 924

5 Districts Reporting

Yes 873 1165

No 1312 1584

No vote down to 60% 57%, compared to the 66% total from the last vote. To be expected in a second referendum, I think.

Six Districts Reporting

Yes 1745

No 2345

Numbers holding … 57% to 43%.

Seven Districts Reporting

Yes 2064

No 2583

Margin keeps shrinking … the “Yes” districts must be coming in …

Nine Districts Reporting

Yes 2459

No 3177

Ten Districts Reporting

Yes 2655

No 3649

Scratch what I was saying about the vote getting closer!

Fourteen Districts Reporting

Yes 3566

No 4867

Yes is close to its 3700 total from the last vote (7074-3700).

Fifteen Districts Reporting

Yes 3625

No 5046

Sixteen Districts Reporting

Yes 3971

No 5317

Watching the debate on CNN. Their live tracking graph thingy is more interesting than what the candidates have to say …

Eighteen Districts Reporting

Yes 4230

No 5664

Numbers still running about 57% to 43% …

Unofficial Results, All Districts:

Yes 4844

No 6152

I’ll post more analysis tomorrow afternoon, but a few quick hits:

I predicted this right — No wins, but a much closer vote (56%-44%) and a depressed turnout. (I predicted that wrong!).

Considering the crap that is the economy, this is, to me, a shockingly close result.

If No can only summon 56% against a budget in this context, it likely means re-election for the majority of our Town Council.

6 Responses to “West Hartford Referendum Results Part Deux, The Live Blog”

  1. Kevin Walsh said

    Disappointing that any district in town would record barely 200 votes . . .

  2. whforums said

    I know. Great work, First District reporting …

  3. Tom Reed said

    Kevin-Maybe it’s the district that votes at the Town Hall. My wife and I voted at about 3:30 and the count wqas only 184. The low count doesn’t surprise me. It is not the easiest place for older people to get to and vote. At a lot of places, voters can park easily and don’t have to navigate a flight of stairs.

  4. Tom Reed said

    56% is still 56%. I thought that the “yes” folks were very active this time around. The manner in which yes and no letters were listed in the West Hartford News may also have been a factor. Last week’s lead letter was filled with vitriol specifically attacking the WHTA and generally anyone opposed.

    Unfortunately, WH is essentially a one party town and we have to live with that. I wonder what Putterman will say this time.

  5. Noah Webstar said

    Yes, WH is a one party town. But that party heard you all loud and clear. So after they make a small, token reduction in this budget, they are REALLY going to get to work to look for cuts in next year’s. Promise. In Slifka we trust.

  6. henry said

    SPDD – Same Promise Different Day

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