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I’m Spending the Weekend at the Library

Posted by whforums on October 10, 2008

Good to know that, despite the strain of the referendum, despite the threats to town services and the general sky is fallingness of Wall St (I just sit here, and I watch my IRA wither, and I say “I’d prefer not to.” Either I’m no Bartleby or this economy is no pushover narrator …), our library remains not only open and free, but vibrant and thoughtful.

So, to do this weekend at the West Hartford Public Library:

1. Free opera. In my opinion, of all the “big time” arts in Hartford, no one is as under appreciated as the Connecticut Opera (I mean, just look at their building. What’s up with that?). They opera needs your paid support, but to entice you, they’re going to let you score some free opera at the library on Saturday the 11th from 2-3. Seriously — a free hour of Mozart’s Don Giovanni in your public library. This is an event the promises to be just disassociative enough to entertain you while freaking you out. I dare anyone to attend, and, at the end of the hour, leave entirely convinced of the reality of gravity.

2. Voter registration. If you haven’t registered to vote in the upcoming November election, now’s your time. Registration is going down at the library from 10-1 on Saturday the 11th. So you register to vote, you read for an hour, and then you go chill with Mozart. Life is beautiful.

3. So, maybe you’re scared of the library. Maybe there’s that book that you’ve been meaning to bring back that you keep not bringing back because the fine used to be ten dollars and god knows how much it is now. No problem. From 10/14-10/25, you return your book to the public library with a non-perishable food item and, presto-changeo, no more fine. The library’s calling it a “food for fines” program, and if you’re like me and you suck at returning library books, it’s the best value in town. Now take the money you saved by using canned peas as currency and ask yourself, maybe even while listening to Mozart: “Is this my money or the town’s money, and what is my ethical responsibility re: this money?” Just don’t start setting aside peas to pay your taxes with …


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