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Casting Your Votes, Down the Ballot

Posted by whforums on October 17, 2008

A couple of quick links this morning as we shift our attention to our next trip to the “privacy screens” — the November 4th election.

First, check out whctv’s programming schedule. Last night, they started showing pre-filmed debates for the 18th, 19th and 20th House districts as well as the 5th Senate district. These debates will keep running through the 4th of November.

If you’re into meeting the candidates more than you’re into watching them on local access, there’s a Candidate Forum at Blue Back Square’s Outdoor Gathering Space on Sunday from 2-4. This is a great opportunity to engage your local democracy by expressing your concerns to those who represent you and your family. It’ll also give you a chance to educate yourself about those names on the ballot that might otherwise make you feel under-informed. Check out a flier for the event in .pdf form (yeah, it’s going to start a download in some browsers) here.

And if you’re not registered to vote, register already. If you’re eligible and unregistered, what’s wrong with you?

More Guest Posts? “If You Build It …”

I’ve sent an email to Larson, Visconti and Fournier asking them to submit guest posts to WH Forums in the last week of October. No promises that we’ll hear from the candidates, but maybe if you folks make enough noise …

3 Responses to “Casting Your Votes, Down the Ballot”

  1. Lucy said

    Great idea! It would also be worthwhile to see guest posts from the candidates for state representative and state senate. You might want to give them (any guest posters) some direction as to which issues to cover. Four areas I’d like to hear about are: taxes, education, health care, and the economy. And I’d like responses that are as specific to West Hartford as possible. You can assure them that their comments will lead to a lively on-line debate – which they can join if they like.

  2. whforums said

    Ha! You’re much better at this than I am — all I asked Larson, Visconti and Fournier was “Why should I vote for you on November 4th?”

    I”d toyed with the idea of sending out invites to the sate rep and state senate candidates, but I was tired (and worried I’d started too late to squeeze everyone in). That said, I think you’re right — it would be helpful to gather all candidates in one “virtual hall.”

    I’ll send out emails to the candidates for state rep and state senate when I get home from work tonight and see if we can gather posts from as many of them as possible before the 4th.

  3. Lucy said

    If you can’t get a certain candidate to participate, then Fake Lucy hereby volunteers to post a response in the name of that candidate. I promise the post will be: hard-hitting without hitting anything; directly on-point (but WHICH point will be impossible to discern); MUCH more than a long list of my self-proclaimed accomplishments (it will be an ENDLESS list); filled with mud-slinging attacks on my opponent’s mud-slinging responses to my entirely-necessary mud-slinging; and end with “and God Bless America”

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