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Watch West Hartford Debates on Your Computer

Posted by whforums on October 29, 2008

Wanted to throw a quick morning link over to WHCTV’s blog/vlog, where local debates are currently available for streaming.  Check out US House 1 (better know as Larson/Visconti/Fournier), CT senate 5 (Harris/Merritt), and CT Assembly 18 (Fleischman/Knox), 19 (Bye/McGrath) and 20 (McCluskey/Thompson/Mertens).  @WHCTV — I still would love to see Town Council and Board of Ed Meetings posted every week, but baby steps to get there, I know.  You folks rock.

Not sure if you’re in CT Assembly 18/19/20?  Use this map to find your street and district.  The map has some craptastic qualities (it’s too small to read as is, and when you zoom in, it’s too large to easily maneuver), but with some practice, you can find out which of these races will appear on your ballot.

2 Responses to “Watch West Hartford Debates on Your Computer”

  1. Not a debate, but the full slate of Green Party candidates for Congress discussed national issues on “Where We Live” Monday morning. CT-N taped it, so it should be linked from that site soon.

  2. iBlog said

    Thanks for the heads-up about the debates on WHCTV. I just watched the Bye/McGrath showdown. Ms. McGrath must have paid very close attention to the Palin/Biden debate, because her answers have that special “Palin-esque” coherency. She simply interjects the phrase “cut taxes” into whatever thoughts-out-loud she is stringing together.

    At one point, she is speaking about how hard it is for her own family to find affordable health insurance, and saying that we must not overlook the effects of the failing health care system on the middle class. Her solution? “Cut taxes.” Go figure.

    Bonus feature: Watch the moderator repeatedly mispronounce the word “infrastructure” (“infant”-structure??)

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