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The 2008 Election in West Hartford

Posted by whforums on November 3, 2008

Where Do I Vote?

To figure out where you vote, click here and then click on the first letter of your street name. This will reveal a list of all streets in West Hartford that begin with that letter. Locate your street, and, in column 4, your voting district. Click “Back” and use your district number to find your actual polling place. Got it?

What’s my “Assembly District?” What are these local races?

So, this is how you cast your vote for state rep. There are three different assembly districts in West Hartford — 18, 19 and 20. To find your Assembly District, click here again and enter the first letter of the street on which you live. Your assembly district is located all the way to the right. The local races are as follows:

Assembly 18: Andy Fleischman (D) v. Tom Knox (R)
Assembly 19: Beth Bye (D) v. Theresa McGrath (R)
Assembly 20: David McCluskey (D) v. Chad Thompson (R) v. John Mertens (CT for Lieberman Party)

CT Senate 5: Jonathan Harris (D) v. Joe Merrit (R)

US Senate: Stephen Fournier (G) v. John Larson (D) v. Joe Visconti (R)

Educate Yourself

Once you know where to vote, and who’s on the ballot, you can watch local debates here. If you’re too busy to watch local debates, you can check out the uber-helpful “Voter’s Guides” from the League of Women Voters here.

Review a Sample West Hartford Ballot, So You Cut Down on Lines


(It’s a .pdf I bogarted from the League of Women Voters).

Know the Ballot Questions

So, there are two questions on the ballot this year. Question one asks if you want to call a constitutional convention. Which sounds fine, until you realize that many of the people who want this constitutional convention want to call it in order to codifiy discrimination (they want to undo equal rights, such as gay marriage, granted by “activist judges”). If you believe in equal rights, you’ve gotta vote “No” on question one.

Question Two would allow 17 year olds to vote in primaries for elections in which they’ll actually be 18. This seems like a no-brainer “Yes” vote.

Any Other Bright Ideas for Me, WH Forums?

Yup. Vote for Stephen Fournier in the race for house of rep — the only one of the Fournier/Larson/Visconti group to give this website (and its readers) the time of day.

Another bright idea? Check in tomorrow (Tuesday) night, as we live blog the local election results. We’re not going to do much to keep you up to date on Obama/McCain, but we will track Harris/Merrit!

2 Responses to “The 2008 Election in West Hartford”

  1. Joe Visconti said

    It’s 10:34am

  2. Surry said

    Well I wasn’t planning on voting for Larson to begin with, so I ended up casting my vote for Fournier based on his contribution to this site.

    Joe V., thanks for the time check. I guess you’d rather make “witty” comments than actually work to get votes from undecided voters.

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