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Your Experience at Your Polling Place?

Posted by whforums on November 4, 2008

I’m off to vote now, but would be curious to hear what the general experience has been at polling places across West Hartford today.

One blogger had a 36 minute wait at 6 — I’ll let you know what the 9 am wait is like.

Other experiences?

Live blogging local results tonight — swing by if you’d like to chime in on results, your experience voting, or whatever else.

12 Responses to “Your Experience at Your Polling Place?”

  1. Father of 3 said

    There was no wait at all at 7:30 at Duffy.

  2. Surry said

    The Wife waited 30 mins over at S.S./Bridlepath when she went at 6AM. I went at 8AM, there was no line and it took under 5 minutes for the whole thing.

  3. Just got in from Farmington/S. Highland (St. John’s Church). No wait. Very easy.

  4. Chalenois said

    At 7:30 at King Philip the line was about 15-20 people long, but moved pretty quickly.

  5. whforums said

    No problem over at Conard, either. My wife and I were in and out in ten minutes. NPR and the Courant report problems with a machine “rejecting ballots” in West Hartford, but the problem seems to have been efficiently and effectively (and justly!) resolved.

    Sounds like most of the lines were isolated to the early morning — though I wouldn’t be surprised to see lines around lunch and 5/6ish, too. Keep the reports coming — the less intimidating voting seems, the better.

    I think the “I Voted Today” stickers really need to be snazzed up a bit. I know money is tight, but next boom period, how about some sparkles?

  6. Kurt said

    No line at Norfeldt at 10:30.

  7. pdgoselin said

    Very short wait at Charter Oak School at 11:00am. Ten minutes in and out.

    The real news, of course, is not really the election, as important as it is, butthe recession.

  8. pdgoselin said

    Okay, so it was shameless self-promotion ; )

  9. Cynic said

    no wait a Sedgewick @ 7:30

  10. Noah Webstar said

    Voted at Schecter just after 6 – Big line for those A thru M streets (probably 50 people or so)..but no line for us N thru Z’s. Town should do a better job splitting up the streets – or else some of streets need to be rechristened “West whatever” to avail themselves of in and out voting.

  11. pdgoselin said

    I noticed this as well at Charter Oak . . . seemed like almost everyone in line when I was there was in the A-M line while the N-Z line stood empty. Of course I suppose it only comes up in an election where people actually turn out and vote!

  12. John Hardy said

    I’m hearing about the A-M / N-Z issue in a number of places. My wife took advantage of our “P” address at Bugbee at about 7:45 this morning – long wait for A-M, none for N-Z. (When I went there about 12:30 there was no line at all.)

    I’ve been pollstanding at Norfeldt for a large part of the day, and the same thing evidently happened there earlier in the day.

    Maybe it’s okay to re-do those signs on the fly and say, for example A-H and I-Z??? Or is that too outside-the-box? I’m told it’s just a matter of flipping a bunch of voter list pages from one notebook to another…..

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