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This Is Why We Don’t Pay The WHPD Enough …

Posted by whforums on November 14, 2008

We’re tempted to dismiss them as random acts of violence, but the stuff that’s been keeping the WHPD busy this week is all decidedly motivated, even if we don’t necessarily understand the motivations.

First there was the brutal beating (baseball bat + hatchet) of a West Hartford homeless man. You can read about the entire strange story here (though I’d guess you pretty much know the story already). What strikes me is how easy it is to call this a “random” (though motivated) act of violence to attempt to argue to ourselves that we are not capable of doing exactly what the accused is, well, accused of doing. Which is in no way to draw sympathy away from the victim (where it belongs), but is simply to bring a note of introspection to what otherwise may seem humanly impossible in our “own skin.”

WHPD also got summoned to East Hampton this week to deal with a police standoff issue. Essentially, East Hampton police summoned Middletown police who in turn summoned West Hartford police. Why? Because we have an armored personnel carrier (did you know we had an armored personnel carrier? I’m not sure if that makes me feel more or less secure). In any case, the story ends terribly, but you can read it here if you’d like.

Mercy demands justice, justice demands mercy, etc. ….

5 Responses to “This Is Why We Don’t Pay The WHPD Enough …”

  1. Cynic said

    Will we be reimbursed by East Hampton?

  2. give me a break said

    Yes, we do pay the WHPD enough. I coached little league with a sergeant in the WHPD and he told me all about the salary and benefits they receive. He was not at all of the mind that they don’t get fair pay. In fact he told me that after he made sergeant, he would work for four more years, retire with full benefits for his wife and kids (through college!) and then get rehired by the city as a polygraph professional at a very lucrative salary. All of this on top of the pension he would be collecting.

  3. iBlobg said


    I think your (entirely appropriate) title to this post sent up a “red flag” that, unfortunately, could distract from your intended message – which I take to be a thoughtful reminder that so-called “random” acts are also “human” acts, committed by flesh-and-blood people. Oh well . . .

  4. whforums said

    The title intended to express a general tone of gratitude — not a social policy.

    I will grant it didn’t do this so well.

    @Cynic: I assume – but how would we find out?

  5. Cynic said

    I would guess the Town Council and/or PD could be asked.

    Given the state of the budget, the Council would probably follow up on it.

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