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Five Things to Love about West Hartford, November Edition

Posted by whforums on November 27, 2008

1. Our amazing public library. It’s easy to take for granted not only the hours that it’s open (and those who staff it), but the resources it makes available to each of us. Not to mention the activities/programs that are constantly going on, and the way the library takes a leadership role in fostering community beyond consumerism.

2. Just to stick with the library for a second — how about the new library podcast page? You can now catch audio and/or video of many library activities from the comfort of your own computer. How great is that?

3. Another thing to love, that’s perhaps even more invisible than our library, which at least has its hulking, public, downtown presence. How about the work done by our police department, fire department and teachers? We ask a lot of each of the individuals who work for our town, and each works awfully hard for the good of our community. The thanks they get? Criticism of their performance, their salaries and their benefits. Seeing as each of these individuals provide services that keep our society functioning, we should be saying “thanks” more than we say “how much.”

4. I’ve given you this one before, but 59ers coffee (yes, it’s that important to me). They really need to get a website, so I can link to them …

5. The beautiful, clean, tree-lined streets. People in West Hartford take a lot of pride in their property and in their communities, and it shows. It’s easy to look past how beautiful our town is when you fracking live in it, but the next time you’re driving down Ridgewood Road, just take a “step back” and say to yourself “man, this is a pretty beautiful place.” That’s what I did the other day, anyway …

One Response to “Five Things to Love about West Hartford, November Edition”

  1. IBlog said

    I am 100% guilty of tending to dwell on the negative about the world and about West Hartford. It probably has something to do with serotonin levels. I’m trying to do better. I think I’ve got that “half-empty” glass all the way up to “two-seventh’s full.” So I love both the idea and the specifics of your “Things to Love about WH” posts.

    I especially agree about the libraries. Wish I could spend more time there. On-line book renewal has changed my life.

    And our streets ARE very pretty.

    Here are a few of my “Loveable Things”:

    1. Our elementary school teachers. They are caring, intuitive, hard-working, and friendly. Makes me wish I were back in first grade, studying Kenya.

    2. Pfau’s Hardware (no relation or connection, or plug intended). The owner, Russ, has talked me through too many home repairs to mention. The staff runs from young to old, and they are invariably helpful. Just what a store should be.

    3. (whisper) I really like Bishop’s Corner. There. I said it (quietly). I like it that so many useful stores are all within shouting distance. I love never having to worry about parking. In under an hour, I can mail a package; buy pet food; deposit a check; rent a video; return a library book; fill a prescription; fill a gas tank; grab some fresh vegetables; drop-off dry cleaning; and get a haircut (well, that WOULD be a rather rushed hour . . .). Hey, for what it is, BC works great.

    4. Being able to drive by the Governor’s Mansion. I know it’s technically in Hartford, and she’s rarely there, but those are minor details. How cool is it to be on your way to, say, the optometrist, and be able to point at a house and tell your kids in the back seat: “Oh, and that’s where the Governor lives.” Same goes for showing off to out-of-state relatives.

    I’ll keep thinking lovely thoughts. Happy holidays!

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