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Lower Drinking Age at These Institutions!

Posted by whforums on December 1, 2008

Four West Hartford outlets busted for selling to underage buyers recently:

Delicacy Market
Harvey’s Wine and Spirit Shoppe
Kingswood Package Store
Cheers Wines and Spirits

I think my reaction is supposed to be “shame on them,” or “I’m not shopping there anymore.”  My honest reaction?  Well, the drinking age should be 18, anyway, so, these businesses are performing a necessary and important cultural subversion.  Without these folks, we’ll never get ourselves de-Puritanized (I know, I know.  I can hear the pro-Puritanization voices from here).

The WHPD says each business is given time to clean up their practices, so, college students, I wouldn’t head in there without an ID for a while.

Get the full story in the Courant here.

3 Responses to “Lower Drinking Age at These Institutions!”

  1. kate r said

    Kingswood keeps getting nabbed and shut down for a few days. Won’t this eventually mean bigger consequences for them?

  2. Kevin B. Sullivan said

    Neither Puritan nor tea-toteler, I respectfully disagree. My work efforts to stem drunk-driving and my continuing involvement with mental health care reform tell me two things. More access to alcohol,legal or otherwise, among younger drivers (who already have the worst records for injury and fatality) only compounds an already deadly serious problem. The direct and indirect costs of alcohol abuse and addiction (including alcohol as a gateway drug, lethal mixer with other drugs and major factor in sexual assault and other violence by young males)are already killing us — financially and literally. We need to support more education at home and more enforcement (not less)on the roads, on campuses and for illegal sales

  3. Not Noah said

    Mr. Sullivan check your history. Prohibition doesn’t work. Kids will get the stuff anyway, and when they do, they binge drink.

    As for your involvement in the mental health care reform, you are on the board of an organization (NAMI) that has done our society incredible damage by helping to put tens of thousands of kids on powerful mind altering drugs unnecessarily. Let’s talk about that addiction sir. Do you even know how many kids have been killed or damaged by those drugs? The incestuous relationship between NAMI and the drug companies is apparent and nauseating and very very sad.

    Perhaps you ought to be looking at why kids are self destructing.
    Live the life of a typical teenager in your local public school (try Hartford) and maybe you’ll find out. It ain’t what you experienced when you were a teenager. Among other things, our society has handed them a poisoned food supply since their birth, given them thimerisol and other drug laden vaccines that mess up their immune systems, thrown the problems of life at them (including worrying about global warming) since kindergarten, and a media and entertainment industry filled with horrific messages that desensitizes them to crime and death. They have been dumbed down and made to tune out and then they are put on a host of medications that further screw up their minds and health.
    Along with all that they have to try to navigate this world filled with contradictory messages and adults who are too busy telling instead of really listening. If they don’t have a decent set of parents who won’t buy into what “the experts” tell them about raising their own kids, then they are totally screwed.

    Drinking and drunk driving and substance abuse aren’t the problems Kevin – look to the reasons why they turn to those things in the first place. You might be shocked to find that many of those reasons were initiated by your generation. You may not have had children yourself, but you have helped foster an environment of anxiety, fear, and hypocrisy, with no means to help kids cope and function except to mask it all with mind altering medications and false exercises in self-esteem. Our recent generation of kids have little problem solving abilities, no knowledge of history, and little faith in themselves or others. They cannot think for themselves and they do as their peers or others tell them. They have also been taught to view their parents and family as the enemy. And you wonder why act irresponsibly?
    Think about it.

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