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Ok, Ok. I Get It.

Posted by whforums on December 8, 2008

So, I want to write about banks.

But, if the search hits I’m getting teach me anything, you want to read about food.

So the answer to your overarching question?

Yes.  PF Changs is open.

Now eat there and report back.

11 Responses to “Ok, Ok. I Get It.”

  1. John Hardy said

    Well what about combining the two? Banks that disappear and turn into restaurants with bank decor. The space once used as a bank (Society for Savings) in Hartford was transformed into a restaurant (Joe Black’s) and it failed too.

    Unlike some insurers suddenly trying to be banks, Joe Black’s at least still had the vaults. Had they held out, they could have received some TARP funding.

  2. Cynic said

    If I recall, back in the 70’s there was another bank turned restaurant – Last National Bank, I believe it was on Main in Hartford.

  3. iBlog said

    Twice last year the ATM at Webster’s Bank in Bishop’s Corner ate my debit card.

  4. Noah Webstar said

    Don’t forget “Simmer” on LaSalle – or whatever it was called before it closed. Food was good, but I guess their lax lending practices drove them out of business…..

  5. Not Noah said

    PF Changs was a disappointment. Greasy spring rolls and bland Moo Goo Gai Pan. I have had better Chinese food elsewhere.

  6. kate r said

    Hey, Not Noah, where did you have it? WHERE is there good Chinese food in this town or any other?

  7. kate r said

    and yes, the spicy dumplings at Szechuan Tokyo are good, but otherwise. . .meh.

    Just realized that intersection of Main St and New Britain Ave is Mix Cuisine Corner, what with an American/Indian restaurant and Chinese/Japanese. Or is the Am/Ind place out of business yet?

  8. whforums said

    @kater: Good food at China Pan, in the Borders Plaza. Includes rocking Dim Sum.

  9. Chalenois said

    Good Chinese can be had at Green Tea in Simsbury.
    But the best is in Amherst, MA across from the Black Sheep Deli. I can’t remember the name of the place, but the owner grows many of his own vegetables. The food is fresh and subtly flavored.

  10. Noah Webstar said

    Beijing Garden in farmington (Loehman’s Plaza) is good – if you dare travel across the border on Farmington Ave….

  11. ctmq said

    And if you’re REALLY daring, venture into (gasp!) New Britain to Great Taste. It’s large, clean, and filled with Asian diners – the true test.

    It really is pretty darn good.

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