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Two Restaurant Reviews. And Farmington Has a New Superintendent

Posted by whforums on December 16, 2008

Posts like these are my favorite kinds of posts — I get to link you out to all kinds of interesting stuff without doing much work myself! That said, there’s some stuff about trains coming later in the week …


First, The Connecticutian gives a very favorable review to Bombay Olive (in the old IHOP location on the corner of New Britain and South Main — across the street from the ever enigmatic Szechuan Tokyo). We ate at Bombay Olive once and our impression generally matches the opinion over at The Connecticutian …

Adventures Through CT gives a favorable review to PF Changs. I know the initial reaction amongst our small community was mixed (and a colleague told me today she “got exactly what she expected” — dunno if that’s good or not), so I’m sure this post may be met with some skepticism. Adventures says current wait time is about an hour, so it’ll be a while before I check it out …


And, on a totally unrelated note … Farmington has a new superintendent (at 181k a year, folks)! Lost in all the local news of late has been our own superintendent search, so I guess I’d ask you to read this article in the New Britain Herald and answer the following question:

What do we see in the profile of this (successful) candidate that we want in West Hartford’s new superintendent, and what do we see that we don’t like?

And yes. I suckered you in with food to get you to talk about who we want as superintendent. The superintendent search is that intellectually delicious.

3 Responses to “Two Restaurant Reviews. And Farmington Has a New Superintendent”

  1. Lisa said

    Thanks so much for linking my blog! Glad I could help out with restaurants!

  2. iBlog said

    For Superintendent, I’d want to see:

    > Someone who has a proven record of success as a superintendent (which would rule out the Farmington choice) – we don’t need any rookies here

    > That would mean an OUTSIDER – I figure that if someone already in our system had new answers, we would have seen them by now

    > Someone who has succeeded elsewhere in reducing the “achievement gap” between racial/ethnic groups

    > Someone who is NOT test-result-obsessed (can YOU put a number on wisdom, honor, creativity or altruism?)

    > Someone ready to be a highly visible, highly outspoken advocate for our public school system, properly-funded and properly-run (SOMEone has to speak out!)

    > A highly-qualified person of color (be REAL – it MATTERS, if we want to move forward as a multiracial community).

  3. Heidi said

    I also want to thank you for linking to my blog. You have an interesting site!

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