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New Superintendent by February

Posted by whforums on January 14, 2009

Vanessa de la Torre (who does a great job covering West Hartford for The Courant) reports that we’re down to six candidates for superintendent and that that list of six will be cut to three in time for January 24th interviews with “selected parents, district employees and community and board members.” Karen List, who has spent years working for WHPS, remains in the running. Read the full story here.

If you’d like to give your input about the type of person who should be hired (you really should have said something by now, yes?), you can contact Bruce Putterman (he chairs the search committee) through the BOE website:




Rick Green has a post on his blog urging the town to release the names of all 6 candidates.  You can read it here.

One Response to “New Superintendent by February”

  1. iBlog said

    At the hearings I attended, many parents expressed the desire that the search be TRULY national and that only candidates with strong, PROVEN track records be considered (for example, someone who has been able to actually reduce the “achievement gap” despite financial constraints). The search committee was urged to do more than the traditional “put-a-few-ads-in-a-few-national-journals-and-call-it-a-national-search” routine.

    Several parents even suggested trying to recruit Arne Duncan from Chicago (well BEFORE Mr. Obama chose him for Secretary of Education!)

    So, if the candidates turn out to be primarily local (AND if the inside candidate then gets the job), there may some very disappointed parents in West Hartford.

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