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Mayor Slifka to Deliver “State of the Town” Address Tomorrow (1/20)

Posted by whforums on January 19, 2009

A “state of West Hartford” address.  I think we all know what we’d like to hear (keep my services, and don’t raise my taxes), and I think we all know what those in attendance likely will hear (cuts in services, higher taxes, difficult times, etc.).  I’m not seeing the speech on the WHCTV schedule (and a part of me wonders if, by its label, it may purport to be a more important speech than it is), though there may be some rehash on “The Mayor’s Report.”

The address happens during a West Hartford Chamber of Commerce lunch tomorrow (from 12-1:30, advance registration required).  I can’t go, but if any of you out in the great wide Internets are attending, I’d love if you could post what you heard to this thread.

16 Responses to “Mayor Slifka to Deliver “State of the Town” Address Tomorrow (1/20)”

  1. Kevin Walsh said

    Sorry I didn’t hear the Mayor’s address — there was another speech being delivered at the same time that I really couldn’t miss.

    Can anyone who wasn’t interested in the goings-on in DC report what Mayor Slifka had to say?

  2. Barack Obama said

    I’m sorry I missed waht mayor Slifka had to say. After all, he is always so far ahead of the curve in recognizing issues and devising brilliant solutions.

    He is definitley on my radar screen for a key position in my administration.

    I figure it is the least i can do for West Hartford

  3. iBlog said

    Enter Calendar Mode —

    Of great interest, perhaps, will be the:

    ** Budget Forum on Wednesday, January 28th at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall Auditorium**

    At this “community dialogue on budget priorities,” there will be short presentations by the Mayor, Town Manager and the budget manager for the schools. Then the public can comment.

    Exit Calendar Mode —

    I urge everyone who cares about quality town services like police, fire, libraries, senior services, schools, and roads to attend and be heard. We’ve got some work to do.

    I urge all those who have NO USE for government, schools, libraries, etc, and would complain that a $1 total town budget was “TOTALLY unacceptable and could drive every senior out of West Hartford!!#$!” to stay warm at home and watch Rock Star Supernova” on CBS. Root for Storm: she can’t sing, but I think she’s perfect. We already know WHTA you would say at the forum, WHEN you would say it, HOW you would say it, and WHY you would say it. Save yourself the aggravation.

  4. Cynic said

    So I guess IBlog wants to go straight to referendum!

  5. iBlog said

    It’s “i”Blog — with a LOWER-case “i”. (My Mom gets very sensitive about that.)

    The WHTA in December, 2008:

    “We want to develop into a group whose credibility comes from the fact that we’ve done our homework, as opposed to that we’re just against any tax increase. That would be stupid. We know the town has to move forward.”


    The WHTA in January, 2009:

    “A 3.5% BOARD OF EDUCATION BUDGET INCREASE!!!!! . . . The town council has to muster the courage and give advance warning NOW to the Board of Education that they will not condone, or give them more money for, their budget than they received last year. The voters will support the Town Council’s efforts to achieve a zero increase budget . . .”

    THE WHTA at every hearing in 2009:



  6. Cynic said

    So what’s your point?

    The BOE appears ready to offer a new super more than Sklarz is getting.
    State funding is drying up, so ECS will drop (they never gave us what they promised anyway.)
    Both the Town and BOE refuse to do a departmental management audit to look for waste.
    The only reason the BOE isn’t in a hole so far this year is because they got $120K from the State for heating as part of last years surplus. That won’t happen again.
    The BOE never seems to want to reevaluate old programs for possible elimination.

    For too long the Town has simply said we need X% more than last year and expected to get it.

    We are just at the start of this economic slide. I hope it doesn’t hit us as hard as it’s hitting other areas of the country, but if does the town will be in deep #@$@#$. Better it start getting its’ house in order now. So far the State is indicating that we are on our own.

    I don’t hear anyone telling me they want/can afford/or will put up with a 10% Tax increase.

  7. iBlog said

    Why, you’ve MADE my point, dear sir.

    The all-too-familiar, updated, annual, endless, specious, exaggerated, double-doom-and-gloom, evidence-free, hyperbolic litany of fiscal sins committed by an evil cabal in Town Hall that is driving hundreds – nay, THOUSANDS by now – of West Hartford residents out of house and home every year (BTW – Can you post a list of those unlucky emigrants? Love to find out how they’re doing in tax-and-service-free-land . . . But wait. That would be stupid. We know the town has to move forward. I read it in a newspaper.)

    “What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

    Be well!

  8. Cynic said

    The Mayor at least is trying to avoid a referendum and is talking tp the WHTA.
    The WHTA has no desire for a referendum and is talking to the Mayor.
    The Mayor realizes the Town is in a tough spot, and has called next weeks town meeting to try and get ideas.

    You on the other hand feel that anyone who suggests cuts or disagrees with the administration should stay away from that meeting. Your ideas will surely take us to a referendum.

  9. iBlog said

    Master Cynic, you may have the last word.

  10. Lizzi said

    Rumor has it that even with a 0% increase in town departments (except education) our overall budget will go up by about 6%.

    Rumor has it that if the state would release the towns from complying with unfunded mandates we could save 6-10 million in the coming fiscal year alone.

    Lastly, my personal opinion is that the town should take a page from the President’s playbook and freeze the salaries of all those employees earning over 100K/year.

  11. Noah said

    Cynic you forget that we must cheer with exhilaration that the teachers union ONLY asked for a small increase this year. We must be giddy with the prospect of ONLY a 3.5% increase in education spending. Bless their dear hearts they are bending over backwards in fiscal responsibility.
    Cynic we must bless them and thank them profusely for their enormous sacrifices. They are benevolent and so understanding of the plight of struggling taxpayers in West Hartford.
    The Tax and Spend crowd feels your pain and they are doing their best to roll up their sleeves and HELP West Hartford citizens.
    Why aren’t you kissing them with your undying thanks?
    They are doing so much for us that they fully expect you to discard any and all grumpy dissatisfaction and disagreement because darn it, they have done such good work.
    Sigh – looks like no good deed goes unpunished around here.

  12. iBlog said

    So what’s your point?

  13. kate r said

    maybe the huge snowfall coming today or tomorrow will postpone the meeting. And then the snow plows can take their sweet time getting out there because there’s nothing like unplowed roads to piss people off–and remind them how much they need their local gov’t.

  14. iBlog said

    I believe Oliver Stone covered that slippery ground quite thoroughly in his “JFK 2: The Government Strikes Back” (available a BlockBuster’s, but NOT at the West Hartford public libraries – which haven’t had money to buy new materials since the Guttenberg Bible).

  15. iBlog said

    Warning: Shameless Self-Promotion!!

    All who wish to continue a civilized dialogue about West Hartford schools, budgets, taxes, politics, race relations, and the like are always welcome at http://www.iBlogwesthartford.blogspot.com.

  16. taxpayer said

    I hope that this time they don’t cut teachers and paraprofessionals, who care for children, but cut the administrators instead.

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