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So, I’m Leaving West Hartford

Posted by whforums on January 27, 2009

I guess you never really know the direction of your life.

When I started this blog, I had recently returned to West Hartford after having been away for a long, long time.  After reading WH Dad’s blog, and seeing it suddenly disappear, I decided to try to continue the conversation he started.

But I’ve become increasingly unsettled with this project, in part because I’ve realized I have the wrong format for what I’m trying to accomplish.  My goal is to form a town green – not a place where I post and others respond, but a place where all post and all respond.  A blog format doesn’t efficiently do what I want it to do.

And this, really, was just a gnawing at the back of my brain.

At the front of my brain, my wife and I had begun sticking our toes in the housing market.  The result was that we found the house of our dreams and the interest rate of our dreams (and I think the right long term investment) in another greater Hartford community (Bolton).

I want to make it clear – I’m not leaving West Hartford because of taxes (I’ll be paying the same amount where I’m going), and I’m not leaving West Hartford because of the schools (test scores where I’m going are essentially the same).  I’m not leaving to protest town government or because I’ve been otherwise forced out financially.  I’m leaving because of opportunity.

I have to be honest. When we first decided we were going to move, my thoughts scattered re: this blog.  Even though I haven’t been able to shape it as I’d hoped, I’ve enjoyed writing it.  And in the back of my mind, there was a voice that said “You know, you could do this from afar.”  But at the same time, I knew this would be disingenuous (at best), especially when West Hartford is served by so many other blogs.  And when I combined that thought with the gnawing at the back of my brain, I knew it was best to let it go.

In about a month, I hope to launch a new site that allows me to pursue more regional interests while fostering both local and regional conversation.  I’ll still be writing about West Hartford (among other things, and if from the outside), and I’ll link you to the site once it’s up.   In the meantime, this site will remain, and you’re of course welcome to continue ongoing conversations.

Thanks to all of you who have made this site a vibrant and welcoming place.  I’ll miss the site, and I’ll miss West Hartford (though, to be honest, I think my wife and I will still be in and out once or twice a week).  As I rationalize, I’m considering this the rough draft.  I hope you’ll follow the next revision.

All best, and thanks.

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New Posting Policy

Posted by whforums on October 5, 2008

Please click the “Posting” tab above for description and explanation.

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Same Craptastic Blog, New Craptastic Look

Posted by whforums on July 3, 2008

A few changes here in a vague attempt to reflect hopes for what this place can become as it slowly grows.

As the URL suggests, the hope is that this website becomes more of a forum than a blog (more of a place filled with the voices of many than the voices of a few — a democracy rather than a series of edicts). That said, a blog seems to fly in the face of these hopes — where I’d like to see a town green, right now the site is a (slightly-behind-the-times) town crier. By changing WordPress skins, whforums can now display links along the sides of the site. More importantly, you can now also see all recent comments via a “Recent Comments Widget” installed within the WordPress skin. This should save you from having to open each page to see if anyone has posted anything new. Hopefully, this will also encourage more conversation and interaction — not so much in response to what whforums says, but more in response to what each of you is saying.

More changes are coming this summer, some significant, as this site tries to find its own voice (the acoustics of the green) while giving voice to each member of its community (the chatter of democracy). Until such changes can be made, whforums remains open to blog posts (front page posts) from everyone — email posts or ideas to whforums@gmail.com. For now, we’ll make due with this “rough draft” of whforums — where we can bicker about budgets (bickering about “Greenspace” coming soon!) while still celebrating the place and time we share.

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Welcome to WH Forums!

Posted by whforums on February 18, 2008

Blogs are too often singular, individual practices. But when a blog seeks to make its community the individual – to bind up a community’s diversity by holding each of its voices in distinction – it necessarily needs its community to make record of itself.

This idea – the idea of a community speaking for itself – defines the fundamental mission of WH Forums. We hope that this site – part blog, part ‘zine, part message board, part “alternative media” – will emerge as a discourse that is as vibrant as our community. If where we live is essential to who we are, we hope this website will become a place to formulate our individual identities through the very partial destiny of our collective identity. And, more importantly, we hope to become a place where neighbors and elected officials can informally share the ideas that will ultimately make West Hartford a better place for its citizens.

Currently, as a team of two editors (and seeking a third), we will contribute much of the content to the front page of this site. But we also hope that you, and every other member of the WH community, will also contribute front page posts and commentary. Editors will consider all submissions for front page posts, though we will only publish relevant posts that feature responsible perspectives and that encourage focused and critical feedback and commentary. We’re not looking for your rants and we’re not looking to advertise your upcoming events — we’re looking for a responsible exchange of ideas that can help shape the place we call home.

If you’d like to contribute a story to WH Forums (or if you’d like to become our 3rd editor!), please email to: whforums@gmail.com

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