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Two Restaurant Reviews. And Farmington Has a New Superintendent

Posted by whforums on December 16, 2008

Posts like these are my favorite kinds of posts — I get to link you out to all kinds of interesting stuff without doing much work myself! That said, there’s some stuff about trains coming later in the week …


First, The Connecticutian gives a very favorable review to Bombay Olive (in the old IHOP location on the corner of New Britain and South Main — across the street from the ever enigmatic Szechuan Tokyo). We ate at Bombay Olive once and our impression generally matches the opinion over at The Connecticutian …

Adventures Through CT gives a favorable review to PF Changs. I know the initial reaction amongst our small community was mixed (and a colleague told me today she “got exactly what she expected” — dunno if that’s good or not), so I’m sure this post may be met with some skepticism. Adventures says current wait time is about an hour, so it’ll be a while before I check it out …


And, on a totally unrelated note … Farmington has a new superintendent (at 181k a year, folks)! Lost in all the local news of late has been our own superintendent search, so I guess I’d ask you to read this article in the New Britain Herald and answer the following question:

What do we see in the profile of this (successful) candidate that we want in West Hartford’s new superintendent, and what do we see that we don’t like?

And yes. I suckered you in with food to get you to talk about who we want as superintendent. The superintendent search is that intellectually delicious.

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Ok, Ok. I Get It.

Posted by whforums on December 8, 2008

So, I want to write about banks.

But, if the search hits I’m getting teach me anything, you want to read about food.

So the answer to your overarching question?

Yes.  PF Changs is open.

Now eat there and report back.

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What Do You Think of the Look of PF Chang’s?

Posted by whforums on November 24, 2008

You’ll have to forgive my photo quality — I snapped it with an iPhone as my car was rolling by:

PF Chang's, West Hartford

I get that art threatens capitalism, so that when capitalism tries to do art, it can only do kitsch.  Like, Las Vegas exists, and that’s fine.  But this to me seems more like “branding on acid” than anything.   For god’s sake, people, you can make the giant horse as giant or ungiant as you want, and you can remake the exterior of your portion of the mall with height and”rich earth tones,” but none of this is going to change the fact that you’re in a mall. And, to be blunt, if I’ve chosen to spend time at this mall, why would I want to forget that in the first place?

Architecture without politics is vapid, but this is architecture in the service of the faux politics of the consumer, which is insipid …

Set to open December, 2008.  And don’t get me wrong, I’ll be there that month, and I’m sure the food will be good. And I think it’s a welcome boutique chain in West Hartford’s “boutique chain scene.”  But just like The Cheesecake Factory (and in opposition to Crate and Barrel), this place just looks like it’s trying too hard, doesn’t it?

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