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One of the basic purposes of this website is to foster online dialog between members of our community. Lately, as more users have posted with the handle “anonymous,” I’ve been struck by the untraceablity of that handle and the way it allows a poster to float away into the ether. This complicates the process of responding to that user (thus interrupting the flow of dialog) and also allows the “anonymous” user to have a very incomplete (or overly complete) history of posts.

To resolve this problem, and to keep us focused on the activity of talking to one another, I am as of today requiring users to have a WordPress account to post on this site. WordPress accounts are free and associate you with a username — many of you already have accounts from posting on WH Dad’s site in the past.

I regret asking posters to go through an extra step to post to the site, but I think it will be for the long term good of our conversations. Please note that I still respect everyone’s right to post under a (consistent) pseudonym — I recognize the fear of retribution that can come with posting in such a public way, and I’d like to make such posting available to even those who feel they have good reason to be wary about speaking their minds.

2 Responses to “Posting”

  1. susan said

    My husband and I were so excited to try Cocoa last night. Loved the look, the atmosphere, the music and the menu, but the food was really quite bad. The pot roast sandwich was dry and tough, and the garlic burger (highly recommended by our waitress) was dry and tasteless. On the positive side, my husband liked his side salad and the sweet potato fries were great! Too bad, this place has potential, but isn’t going to survive in the West Hartford market without serious work in the kitchen.

  2. a real review said


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